SuperMeQ in a nutshell

SuperMeQ will extend our knowledge of potential limits that prevent realizing quantum states. SuperMeQ will minimize decoherence by using a clever experimental idea: we will levitate a superconducting microsphere in vacuum. This experimental arrangement will minimize known sources of decoherence. Key in SuperMeQ is that we will couple the center-of-mass motion of the mechanical resonators to the versatile toolbox of superconducting quantum circuit technology. This experimental architecture will allow us to exert quantum control over the mechanical resonators in the first place. SuperMeQ will thereby pursue a new approach: instead of the widely adopted capacitive coupling scheme, we will use inductive coupling. This enables us to leverage intrinsic advantages of inductive couplings, such as in-situ tunability and larger coupling strength. The latter we aim to realize in the second experimental platform within SuperMeQ: magnetic mechanical resonators.